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ATO Phone Scams

Thomas Noble & Russell (TNR) and the ATO are warning clients to be aware of phone calls from callers falsely claiming to be from the  Australian Tax Office (ATO) or other Government departments.

These callers have recently been calling Australians telling them that there is a warrant out for their arrest. They may spin a range of stories about why an arrest warrant has been issued, including that you have failed to pay taxes. These callers typically ask for money to be sent via wire transfer as it’s nearly impossible to recover money sent this way. They may also ask for people’s financial and other personal details to access their money and use this information to commit other scams.

Many people have reported that messages have been recorded on their answering machines asking them to call back later. A telephone number is  provided and they ask you to call during office hours to discuss the matter further. However, the telephone number has no connection with the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, Australian Taxation Office or any other state or commonwealth department.

If you receive a phone call from someone saying you have an arrest warrant and asking you to pay a fee or outstanding Tax debt, hang up and do not respond. If in doubt, don’t use any contact details provided –  contact the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or Thomas Noble & Russell (TNR).

For more information please refer to ATO media release :