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Business Services

Years of service at Thomas Noble & Russell


What motivated you to get into your career?

I was always good at Maths at high school and was looking for a career that could utilize my problem solving skills

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Building long term relationships with clients and working with clients to get best possible outcomes.

What are you doing differently today?

When I started as a Trainee Accountant in the late 1980’s tax returns were still being typed on manual typewriters by secretaries, capital gains tax had only been introduced for a few years, and there was no GST. We were provided with a basic computer system to do journal entries, and we used to manually calculate the refunds or tax payable. Improvements in Technology has had an enormous change in the way accountants interact with clients, the way we research complex tax issues and the way we obtain information from clients (i.e. cloud based software accessible anywhere).

What do you do in your spare time?

When I am not at one of my sons’ various sporting venues, I enjoy taking my Border Collie to the beach, renovating houses, piano and cooking.

If you could win one trophy what would it be?

Best Mum

Its 5.30pm Friday afternoon you’re at your favorite Bar/Restaurant, what’s your order?

Glass of Chardonnay, Any Italian food.