High School Graduates / University Undergraduate Careers

Kick-Start Your Professional Career

Get a head-start in life and commence your professional career before graduating from university. 

TNR offers comprehensive training, mentoring and study assistance. Get paid, practical experience while completing your degree!

We accept applications from students who have recently completed their HSC or those who are part-way through their degree. Employees who have gone through the Undergraduate program develop their professional skills faster and get a head-start in building their career. Experience the benefits of working part-time with a structured university study program and supportive peer group.

TNR provides the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive induction and training program at employment commencement
  • A peer group employees who form study groups and develop life-long friendships
  • The combination of paid employment and structured university study
  • Paid study and exam leave (up to 4 hours per week per study session)
  • Integral support from seniors and partners
  • Challenging and interesting professional assignments; and
  • Earlier career progression opportunities