Legal service providers need the right accounting and advisory support to improve business processes and improve returns

We specialize in supporting large and small legal service providers. Our team has extensive experience in delivering advice and assistance to improve financial processes, financial reporting and performance improvement. We assist legal partners and senior personnel to structure their taxation affairs to maximise wealth creation and minimize business risk.


We assist a large range of legal firms and barristers to manage and grow their businesses through business advisory, taxation and accounting services. Our team of specialists partner with the legal profession in a number of ways:

Practice Support & Advisory

We can review the effectiveness of your practice’s business model and, if necessary, provide tax-effective strategies to optimise the return on your financial investment and time.

For practitioners considering a partnership, we are able to act as an unbiased sounding board and adviser by providing:

  • A review of partnership offers, detailing the benefits and risks, including an analysis of the financial implications (profit split, cash contributions and goodwill versus non-goodwill structures).
  • Common discussion points to assist in negotiating partnership opportunities.
  • Explanations on the implications of the various partnership models and their financial impacts.

Personal Financial Support

We provide specialized financial support to barristers, sole practitioners and partners of legal firms on all aspects of their business, taxation and wealth management needs.